Manuela Moscoso


Manuela Moscoso studies the process of artmaking and its effects in the world. Inspired by non-western form of thinking Manuela is currently researching different understanding of embodiment, porosity, kinship and digestion as a way to challenge western conception of the body.  Manuela is the curator of the Liverpool Biennial 2021 "The Stomach and The Port". Until 2018, she was the Senior Curator at Tamayo Museo in Mexico City where she worked with artists such as Chimurenga, Nina Canell, Yael Davids, Trevor Paglen or Rashid Johnson. She is part of Zarigüeya, a programme that activates relations between contemporary art and the pre-Columbian collection of the Museo Casa del Alabado, Ecuador, commissioning new work by Asier Mendizabal, Osias Yanov or Tamar Gimaraes. In 2014, she was the associate curator of the Bienal de Cuenca 12, in Ecuador, previously in 2012 she was co-director of Capacete, a residency programme based in Brazil where she also co-ran the curatorial programme, Typewriter.