Edinburgh International Science Festival: BIO-SYMPHONY, an exhibition with Oliver Jennings and Sarah Jones (DAI, 2014), curated by Ben Burtenshaw (DAI, 2015)

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4 April - 22 May, 2015
11:00 - 18:00

Venue: Meadows Gallery

Bio-symphony is an interdisciplinary project focused on the lifecycle of a plant. Artists Oliver Jennings and Sarah Jones have worked with live readings, taken from a plant in the space, to create improvised responses through video and language. Jennings’ video work is developed out of research into the use of such readings, and includes documentation of other spiritual and scientific approaches to its analysis; as well as documentation of a ‘sound garden’ exhibited at the 2014 RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Jones’ contribution foresees an encounter in the alliance of plant life and technology that we are inherently already familiar with, but have hardly seen.
Taking place through a poem that is continuously reconfigured in accordance with the plant, the intention of the exhibition is to explore how the plants subtle responses to its environment are relevant to us outside of science on a more emotive spectrum.