Friday May 1 at 18:00 at Casco: opening of Fernando García-Dory's INLAND as well as White Paper: The Law by Adelita Husni-Bey

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Image: INLAND operational diagram, conceived by Fernando Garcia-Dory, 2014.

Casco would like to welcome you for a May Day celebration—a day that acknowledges a long history of struggle—with the opening of two solo project exhibitions that look to create new models and tools for the future: INLAND by Fernando García-Dory and White Paper: The Law by Adelita Husni-Bey. Both artists have been part of Casco's Artist at Work program wherein they collaborate closely with the Casco team over an extended period. García-Dory’s and Husni-Bey’s new collaborative projects developed with Casco delve into alternative visions for the countryside and the right to housing respectively. In so doing they carry on Casco’s investigation into the commons under the 2013–2015 program guideline Composing the Commons.

INLAND has been developed in partnership with the Dutch Art Institute (DAI), Arnhem in the context of Publishing Class, a co-op academy Casco organizes on the commission of the DAI.