Sunday 8 March 2015: Women’s Day in Utrecht~ from 13:30 till evening. Organized by a group of Utrecht-based feminists in collaboration with Casco

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In many places, International Women's Day has taken on characteristics similar to Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, with women traditionally receiving a rose from their loved ones. In Utrecht it is hardly celebrated. Instead, an occasion called “Cultural Sunday”, which happens here on the same date, celebrates not women's rights but consumerism: Kijken Kijken Kopen [watch watch buy].

But the feminist struggle is not over. Together, in the tradition of International Women's Day, we will reclaim the streets of Utrecht through intersectional feminism: not merely a struggle against the oppression of women, but against all forms of oppression and discrimination including sexism, racism, homophobia, capitalism, and more. Our struggle goes beyond the simplistic categories of man and woman.

Please join us! For details and ongoing program updates, please check the Facebook page here!