Paris Texas Antwerp presents "The Weight of Water depends on its temperature", a group show curated by Céline Mathieu. With PeterKristinn (DAI, 2016) and others

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Paris Texas Antwerp is a new space, situated close to Sint-Paulus plaats Antwerp.

"The Weight of Water depends on its temperature" brings together the practice of three international artist duos. CM MC (Belgium / Netherlands), Haseeb Ahmed & Daniel G. Baird (U.S.) and PeterKristinn (Austria / Iceland). Their common point is not only their binary way of making work; the selection of artists has been made on their approach of a two-sided relation between space and time in an exhibition Performances, sculptures, props and ready-mades seem to overlap and mingle. The functionality of an object, the temporality of a performance and the difference between a cast and a mould are being exhibited. They are like different stages of water; vast, condensation and fluid.