2007 ~ The Expanding Pie / a project on economy hosted by Kunsthuis Syb/tutored by Florian Göttke & Maarten de Reus / contributions Olav Velthuis, Karim Benammar, Steve Rushton a.o.

The Expanding Pie is a research project focusing on Economy in the small Frisian town Beetsterzwaag. The students will have a five week working period from 25th April to 29th May to develop their work in Kunsthuis SYB, the headquarter for the project.

Economy is the starting point for the research with the goal to learn about Beetsterzwaag and the surrounding area and to develop projects for the public domain. We will look into the economic conditions, aspects and relationships and investigate daily transactions as well as long-term structures.
Our goal is to infiltrate into the economic fabric of Beetsterzwaag, to work with existing economic structures and set up new or alternative ones and in that way connect to the location and establish an exchange in some form between the students of the DAI and the people of Beetsterzwaag and Opsterland.

A series of lectures is organized to support the project.
Florian Göttke, A short introduction into: Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations

After Neurath: Like Sailors on the Open Sea visit of the exhibition in Stroom in Den Haag with a tour by the curator Steve Rushton.
The exhibition brings together a group of artists whose work engages with the implications of the work of Otto Neurath. Between 1934 and 1940 Otto Neurath lived and worked in The Hague. The exhibition will also show examples form the International Foundation for Visual Education in The Hague (1934-40), founded by Otto Neurath, in which he collaborated with Gerd Arntz and Marie Reidemeister.

Marjolein Schaap, art critic and writer: Artistic Interventions into the Economic Field Marjolein Schaap: Art Interventions into the Economic Field.
The subject is placed in the (art)historical context of the last hundred years. The works of  more ‘traditional’ artists like Marcel Duchamp and Joseph Beuys who are important forerunners will be discussed as well as the works of those artists who from the 60-ies on have been residing, infiltrating and collaborating within the economical domain - within businesses, corporations, NGO’s and multinationals. Variations on these art works in the regular exhibition context will also be mentioned.
The lecture will be accompanied by a power point presentation. 

Karim Benammar, philosopher: Heretic Economics

Olav Velthuis, journalist, economist and art historian: On Globalization

Maarten De Reus
After the lectures on Economy and Art History, Economy and Abundance and Economy and Globalism Maarten de Reus will talk about Economy in the Artists Studio:
- efficiency and 'spiritual ergonomics'
- why do artist linger
- booms & recessions in the artist practice
- crash!
- push and pull markets
- the economy of need
- the loss of the artist as the embodiment of ‘free will’.
- screening of the BBC documentary The Century of the Self.

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