LTart.NL Reflection 2014 / 5th Lithuanian/Dutch art event with Kastė Šeškevičiūtė (DAI, 2015) Eelco Wagenaar (DAI,2011) and other artists

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Image: Kastė Šeškevičiūtė ~ Censorship for Nostalgia, Nostalgia for Censorship


5th Lithuanian/Dutch art event

6 December 2014, De Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam

On 6 December in Amsterdam Lithuanian/Dutch art event LTart.NL, hosted by the Lithuanian Community in the Netherlands, will present a Fine Arts Exhibition REFLECTION, curated by Inga Cholmogorova (LT/NL/FR). The exhibition will feature works ranging from painting to photography, sculpture, installation and live performance, created by the alumni and students of the well-known art education institutions in Lithuania and Holland such as Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Vilniaus Dailes Akademija, Riijksacademie, De Ateliers and Dutch Art Institute among others.

This year's theme REFLECTION invites artists to explore and present their unique interpretations of the topic through self-portraits, photography, sculpture, painting, performance and dance, inviting the visitors to reflect on how the works by Lithuanian and other expat artists are influenced by contemporary Dutch culture. Participating artists will investigate and reflect on the past and present, the human condition and the concept of self and ego, as well art and contemporary society and culture that we live in. Issues of identity, nationality and tradition as well as gender, sexuality and diversity are addressed through a collection of works, which invites the audience to take an active part in the production of meaning.

The exhibition will open at 15:00 h on 6 December at De Posthoornkerk in Amsterdam. This exhibition is curated by Inga Cholmogorova, who is known for her cutting edge performance work (Japanese avant-garde dance butoh) as well as her signature works: site-specific installations. Hence the space of the church will be transformed with the site-specific sensitivity and the audience will be engaged by performances to create a place for mental space and day dreaming, an environment for experience and reflection, the space to alter one's perception to discover the other reality within the given.

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The entrance to the exhibition is free of charge, but reserving tickets is necessary.


Rūta Butkutė (LT/NL) & Daniel de Roo (NL) – installation
Raimonda Grikšaitė (LT/NL) – painting
Kastė Šeškevičiūtė (LT/NL) – painting
Carl Johan Hogberg (SE/NL) – painting
Jenny Lindblom (SE/NL) – painting, sculpture
Masha Ru (RU/NL) & Olga Ganzha (RU/NL) – installation
Martynas Ambrzas (LT) – photography
Matt Jackson (USA/NL) – installation
Leila Abasova (LT/NL) – painting
Eelco Wagenaar (NL,) – site specific installation
Camile Smeets (NL) – ceramics sculptures
Inga Cholmogorova (LT/NL/FR) – glass sculpture

Photography series of self-portraits:
Martynas Ambrzas (LT)
Inga Cholmogorova (LT/NL/FR)
Christian Tan (NL/DE)
Jo Benink (NL)
Mette Sterre (NL/GR)
Marlo Broekmans (NL)
Wanda Michalak (PL/NL)


Sakurako (LT/NL/FR) & Carla Regina (IT/NL) – live performance (butoh dance/voice) "Confession on the dance floor"
Jo & Lizabeth Benink (NL) – live performance "Hookers of the system"
Cammy Mai Tran (NL), Kaveh Vares (IR/NL), Maya Fridman (RU/NL) & Marc Barreda (US/NL) - installation & live ongoing performance "Undertow"
Kristien Sonnevijlle (NL) & Dolan Jones (NL) – sound & motion performance "A crack in my left elbow is a Love Song"
Sandra Stanionytė (LT/NL/GR) – durational live performance "Intersubjective Self"
Monika Dirsytė (LT) – live durational performance "Tikra/Netikra (True/Not True)"