December 11 at the Beursschouwburg at 19:00: MOMMY, DADDY, ME ~ as part of the major artistic research TV-TV by Veridiana Zurita (DAI, 2010) and in collaboration with the artistic research center of a.pass (Brussels), the cultural house Casa do Rio (Amazon), the psychiatric clinic Dr. Guislain (Ghent) and workspacebrussels (Brussels).

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Dear ALL,

I would like to invite you to see a working in process of the work MOMMY, DADDY, ME in the context of Working in Tittle 8. For this context I am presenting a performative reading of a script made out an exchange of letter between my parents and I where notions of family and love are at stake.

Hope to see you all there!


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More information:

- After graduating in Communication on the Body Arts (SP -Brazil), Veridiana moved to Europe to study Fine Arts at the Dutch Art Institute and performance research at a.pass in Brussels. With a particular sense of humour and precision, the performance MOMMY-DADDY-ME focuses on how parental relations are reflected in later love relations. The point of departure of the project MOMMY-DADDY-ME is an exchange of letters between the artist and her parents on love relationships. A dramatic discussion that is embedded in and bears witness of opposing notions of love, family, fidelity, trust, dignity, sexuality and possession, desire, ethics, regression and repression, protocols, monogamous and no-monogamous relationships. MOMMY-DADDY-ME examines the rhetorics of every day life situating these personal stances in a broader cultural context. The presentation in WTP#08 is a fragment of a major performance. It is a performative reading of a script through which Veridiana performs the embodiment of different roles, its voice, physicality, discourses and perspectives.

Concept and performance: Veridiana Zurita
Dramaturgy: Bart Van den Eynde and Mylène Lauzon
Voice dramaturgy: Jean-Baptiste Veyret-Logerias
With the support of: a.pass, workspacebrussels