Galerie Rianne Groen: "collection" with works by Yoeri Guépin (DAI, 2013) and other artists

| tag: Rotterdam

29 November 2014  - 10 Januari 2015


Observe three paintings carefully.
Mix them well in your head.

Yoko Ono, spring 1962


A museum in its classical sense is a non profit institution in service of the audience, that collects and takes care of artifacts, while exhibiting and researching them. These objects are usually of scientific, artistic, cultural or historical value. The first Wunderkammers made an attempt to bring order in the world around us, using their collection as an encyclopaedia.
The historical notion of the museum as a temple of knowledge has long been outdated. Artists and curators broke down the temple by showing temporary artworks, bringing politics inside its walls or organising a social event as an artwork.
A museum can now exist in every imaginable place; as long as it, however temporary, brings together a collection. Musée des Possibilités is an exhibition about exhibiting, a museum where objects are not always the starting point, forcing the spectator to be active. Viewing a temporary collection of possible artworks and estranging objects as practice to our thoughts. The encyclopaedic element expresses itself in different ways. Collections do not always have to be logical or chronological, or of historical or cultural importance. Each attempt to categorise the world will always be arbitrary, and completely subjective.

With works by:
Yoeri Guépin
Tim Hollander
Dico Kruijsse
Daan Lievense
Luuk Schröder

Galerie Rianne Groen, Schietbaanstraat 21, 3014 ZV Rotterdam,