MACHT / POWER with Stefan Bressel, Eric Decastro, Jeremy Deller, Jos Diegel, Rainer Dissel, Bea Emsbach, Parastou Forouhar, Lou Galopa, Nathalie Grenzhaeuser, Ichiro Irie, Caroline Krause, Roy Lichtenstein, Sandra Mann, Tracey Moffatt, Marc Peschke, Jan Schmelcher, Valentina Stanojev, Barry Sykes, Eva Weingärtner and DAI's Margret Wibmer

| tag: Frankfurt

Exhibition curated by Sandra Mann.

Through a diverse collection of artworks from international, established and early career artists this exhibition offers a broad range of responses to the concept of 'Macht' or 'Power'. These viewpoints are reflected in a purposely equal, if uncommon, ratio of ten female and ten male artists. In German, the word 'Macht' or 'Power' is often viewed in a negative context, associated more with its opposites: powerlessness, helplessness or impotence. In other languages, US English for example, the term has more positive associations: liberation, ambition, self-determination. However, in the diverse and complex artworks in the exhibition we open up alternate, perhaps surprising views to our local understanding of 'Macht'. !

The exhibition includes a variety of artforms such as painting, photography, collage, drawing, sculpture, print and video. From young upcoming artists to participants of the Venice Biennale. A catalog will be published.

Opening: 25.11.2014, 18:00 Exhibition: 25.11.2014 – 19.01.2015 at: prevent.on Frankfurt Franklinstrasse 56 60486 Frankfurt am Main RSVP until November 11th 2014 at frankfurt@prevent.on

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