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The acclaimed "Toneelgroep Oostpool" is a large, Arnhem based theatre company with a nationwide scope. Marcus Azzini, artistic director since August 2012, leads the company in collaboration with financial director Ruud van Meijel. Sarah Moeremans, Jeroen De Man and Timothy de Gilde are part of the core artistic team. Together with actors and other collaborators they produce lively theatre that encourages the public to reflect on today's society.

In general Toneelgroep Oostpool addresses a wide audience, but it is especially interested in raising the attention of young people, allowing them to discover what theatre can do. The company performs all over the Netherlands and beyond, in theatre halls, at festivals, at site-specific locations, at schools as well as in its own theatre space "Huis Oostpool" in Arnhem. The latter is also the place where plays and performances are being realized and where the offices are located. Annually Toneelgroep Oostpool creates ten to fifteen full-blown theatre productions and performs them around four hundred times per year. In addition to that, Oostpool develops an ongoing flow of activities in the field of education, participation and talent development.