Candidate-curators Sonsbeek 2016, Ade Darmawan/ruangrupa, Moritz Küng, Apolonija Šušteršič & Maria Lind and Joanna Warsza invited to participate in an orientation trip to the city and the surroundings of Arnhem where the legendary Sonsbeek Park is located.

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Image: Emmen: Broken Circle / Spiral Hill on a very hot summer's day during our introduction week 2011: DAI-students take a dip in the lake encompassing this famous site-specific piece by Robert Smithson for Sonsbeek 1971 (photo: Jacq van der Spek)



Image: another DAI ~ Sonsbeek Entr'acte, here during our introduction week 2014: a drizzly early morning Tai-Chi session in the park (photo: Jacq van der Spek)