Antiphony: please call the Van Abbemuseum !!! Phone number +31 (0)40 238 1000.

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Dear all,

I am delighted to invite you to my project 'Antiphony', a phone service opening on Sunday for a whole week.

'Antiphony' is an answering machine service set up for the Van Abbemuseum's phone number +31 (0)40 238 1000.
The museum's main phone number is occupied by a new service, offering callers the chance to select and speak to someone about 12 words redefined under the constraints of desert landscapes: action, silence, withdraw, emptiness, failure, violence, doubt, chaos, ritual, border, nomenclature and pabulum. (see structure bellow)

The goal of the project is to challenge these notions and perform an alternative, subjective and human immaterial data journey.

The system will be activated from the 28th of September to the 3rd of October.

Please call!

Kind regards,

Hanan Benammar

Participants: Jan Adriaans, Bachtijar Ashari, Michał Ciołek, Eline Janssen, Clasien Selman, Roos Lechner, Roderick Van Langen, Danny Klaassen, Boukje Ypma, Olga Niziołek, Laila Torres Mendieta, Constanza Puente

Curators: Nick Aikens, Christiane Berndes & Steven ten Thije

Special thanks to Peter Claassen (ICT-coordinator of VAM)


Welkom bij het Van Abbemuseum
Welcome to the Van Abbemuseum

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For desire, press 1
> for action, press 1
> for silence, press 2
> for withdraw, press 3

For strength, press 2
> for emptiness, press 1
> for failure, press 2
> for violence, press 3

For metamorphosis, press 3
> for chaos, press 1
> for doubt, press 2
> for ritual, press 3

For hospitality, press 4
> for border, press 1
> for pabulum, press 2
> for nomenclature, press 3


'Antiphony' is part of the group exhibition 'Using the Museum', the culmination of a year-long course taught by the Van Abbe as part of the DAI's co-op Academy.

'Using the Museum' includes projects by: Hanan Benammar, Michelle Browne, Eduardo Cachucho, Voitka Group, Anneke Ingwersen, Louis Liu & Artémise Ploegaerts, Sofia Ocana Urwitz, Marie-Andree Pellerin, Abner Preis, Kim Schonewille, Tommie Soro, Malina Suliman and Silvia Ulloa.