Oblique (Susana Pedrosa & Patrícia Pinheiro de Sousa (DAI, 2011)) presents: 5 ½ PROPOSALS TO WORK AND LIVE IN THE CURRENT MILLENNIUM~ PROPOSAL #5 THE ARCHITECT AND THE HOUSEWIFE with a contribution, among many others, by Lara Morais (DAI, 2012)

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In this proposal we want to understand the difference between private and public labour, domestic and 'employed' labour. We will reflect on the the value of 'caring labour' and how this form of labour is often invisible.

Together with local neighbourhood associations and cultural institutions this two day event will consist of a shared meal, film screening, music and a collaborative community event, taking place in the neighbourhoods of Oude Noord and Agniesebuurt.

Take part and contribute in various Oblique ways!

Friday, September 26th
/// Post Office (Vijverhofstraat 100, Rotterdam)

8:00 pm– Collective meal - Bacalhau à Brás (Portuguese dish)
Everyone is invited to join us before the film screening for a delicious Portuguese meal of codfish. A vegetarian option will be also available.
Dinner: €3,-
Reservations: info@obliqueint.nl

9:00 pm – Film screening - Portuguese Video Art
This screening will present a selection of videos by Portuguese video artists: Lara Morais, Carlos Alberto Carrilho, Rui Silveira and Sofia Ponte + Tiago Pereira.
10:00 pm - Drinks
Language: Portuguese and English
Entrance: Free

Saturday, September 27th
/// Gandhituin (Gordelweg 131, Rotterdam)

5:00- 7:30 pm - Becoming Communities
An expansive, community cooking and storytelling event with five locals sharing their personal stories of birth and birthing as a metaphor. While the audience is seated around tables and listens, the artists cook food, crossing cultural, geographical,religious, ethnic, social and economic borders.
Becoming Communities is created with the collaboration of globally, regionally and locally active individuals.Through daily actions and practices, connections are created within the city of Rotterdam thus bringing about new relations and connections. An event by Orly Almi (choreographer, Israel) and Deirdre M. Donoghue (visual / performance, Finland). Child friendly event.
Language: Dutch and English
Entrance: Free
Reservations: send a mail to info@obliqueint.nl

Saturday, September 27th
/// Post Office (Vijverhofstraat 100, Rotterdam)

9:00 pm - Performance
10:00 pm - The Architect and The Housewife After Party
Language: Dutch and English
Entrance: Free
(Special Oblique gift for architects and housewives.)