Probe 25 | C A D R E by Susan van Hengstum (DAI, 2013)

| tag: Arnhem

Susan seems to analyse details, but by the time she is finished they are no longer details, they are the essence of how we perceive. One of the few certainties within Probe (the series of rectangular shaped images) was overthrown by going back to the technicalities of the source: the camera.

Probe is an exhibition space, with walls no higher then 1,10m and a surface of 6m2. It's a test lab, an artistic skinner box. Its small and practical dimensions enables artists, to create works on scale, that are unthinkable in real life. The architecture of the space is flexible and wholly subservient to the exhibition: walls can be extended, doors can be removed, a floor made of glass, mirrors or wood, even the lighting situation can be fully controlled. Albeit a physical space, Probe is only accessible on the internet. The registration of the exhibition is the exhibition.

Probe is initiated by Suze May Sho who started the project in 2008.

This edition of Probe is part of the programTijdelijk binnenland atelier, commissioned by the Mondrian Fund.

The project Probe is supported by Provincie Gelderland and Gemeente Arnhem.