Krome Gallery presents Gonçalo Sena (DAI, 2011): Movements towards inertia

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Opening: 19th September 2014 at 6 p.m.

20th September 2014 - 14th November 2014


Gonçalo Sena's first solo exhibition in Berlin brings together a series of photo-collages and new sculptural works composing an installation oriented in space, within the specific architectural features of the space of Krome Gallery. "During the tempest, occasional sun beams revealed traces of the community that once lived there", is the title of a series of nine photo-collages made from 35mm negative coloured film printed photographs: a sculpture without horizon line.

The small scale of these two dimensional assemblages and their apparent repetition runs in parallel with the physical presence and materiality of the sculptural bodies that compose the space over the floor and against the walls.
The central idea of Sena's practice is to use sculpture and image/drawing to seek temporal dissonances in space for the body and the eyes through spatial compositions in close relation with the architecture or environments where they are shown. Words and titles allow the (dis)placement of his pieces towards dystopian ambience and time frames; while appropriation processes condense and transform references into uncanny materials and visual bodies - structures, objects and images - by translating them into exercises of sculptural language like scale, balance, tension or duration.

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