Coco Duivenvoorde (DAI,2015) & WE ARE HERE ACADEMY calls for our commitment and help ( in exchange for a homely dinner).

Dear family and friends,

The We Are Here Academy needs a start capital and we ask you to help out!

Up to the 15th of october people will open up their houses to organize a dinner party for friends and family. In return for the food they will ask for a donation that will go to the We Are Here Academy.

We, Coco and Inte are involved with the We are here - cooperative, the refugees in Amsterdam for about a year now but we would love for our friends to be involved too! And we know that you can host and love good dinner party's :)

So, if you think this is a nice idea and you would like to cook for your friends and maybe a member of the We Are Here group, send us a email and we'll hook you up with some more details!

Our facebook event page 'Fundraising: We Are Here Academy' will keep you updated about the different dinners with photo's, video's and text.

More information about We Are Here Academy:

At the We Are Here Academy professional HBO and university teachers teach refugees in limbo on a voluntary basis, because everyone has the right to education.
Coming 6 weeks we're collecting at least € 8,000 to provide a whole year of education for these refugees.

We Are Here Academy asks you to invest in their students who are otherwise excluded from education.
Give them a chance to develop and to get their lives back on track .

See also:!/projects/we-are-here-academy