Asger Jorn, Frederique Bergholtz and Maria Pask at the Cobra Museum. Introduction by Jacqueline de Jong during the opening session.

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Dear friends and colleagues,

You´re very welcome to join us on Sunday September 28, 16 hrs at the Cobra Museum, Amstelveen for the opening of the exhibitions 'Traces - 100 Years of Asger Jorn', 'Asger Jorn - the Secret of Art' and 'A Way of Making' will open, a continuation of Maria Pask's and Frederique Bergholtz' project 'A Way of Making' (incl new ceramic work, a new video and a visual archive).

Last but not least: over the past half year I have been posting many new entries on, feel free to have a look!

Best regards,

Hilde de Bruijn