GIPCA's 2nd Live Art Festival features among others, Eduardo Cachucho (DAI, 2015) who will present his lecture-performance Flatland: A Method for the Experimental Production of Emotions

| tag: Cape Town

GIPCA is proud to present the 2nd Live Art Festival from 27 August to 7 September 2014. 

Live Art brings together a range of artists from the fields of visual arts, dance, theatre, music, architecture and literature. Most works are collaborative and interdisciplinary, with artists from across South Africa as well as Switzerland, the United Kingdom, United States, Cameroon, Nigeria, Netherlands and Ghana. The Festival will take place in various spaces at UCT's Hiddingh Campus, the Cape Town City Hall and several clubs in and around Green Point. Audiences will be able to move from one work to another, viewing up to five works per evening.

The works have been curated according six main themes, serving as points of departure, one of them being: 'Republic', a series about state, nation and nationhood, includes the South African premiere of In Case of Fire, Run for the Elevator by the multiple award-winning Boyzie Cekwana, and Mamela Nyamza's acclaimed 19-Born-76-Rebels. Eduardo Cachuco's premiere Flatland: A Method for the Experimental Production of Emotions, a lecture-performance that uses texts by Hendrik Verwoerd, forms a foil to the visceral dance performance by Thulani Chauke, Black Dog. The series is punctuated by the authoritative voices of Ghanaian artist Bernard Akoi-Jackson, and seasoned performance artist Julia Raynham who presents the premiere of Monsoon.