RENKONTO ~ Fotini Gouseti (DAI,2013) and Oliver Bozinovski are happy to invite you to their wedding which will take place in Krusevo in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia on 9 August 2014. With Momu & No Es (DAI, 2013), Eden Mitsenmacher (DAI,2013), Witta Tjan (DAI,2012) a.o..

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We enthusiastically regard your attendance as the best possible present for our wedding. In case you do feel the urge to offer a material present though, you may offer us a less wanted* dinner set. This way you'll contribute to materializing our dream of collecting as many less wanted dinner sets as possible.
*It is up to you to decide what a less wanted dinner set could be. Maybe something that is already offered to you but you don't like it and you don't want to use it? Maybe a dinner set that is not in fashion? A very cheap one? One in bad condition? A defective one? One that is maybe "too much"? Or...

We'll be happy to help you plan your journey and accommodation in Krusevo

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 Initiator: Fotini Gouseti

Location: Krusevo, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Duration: 7-9 August 2014

Description: Fotini Gouseti is a visual artist from Greece that is placing a project in former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)*. Greece and FYROM are two neighboring countries with a tense relationship between them, lasting since the establishment of the latter as an independent country. In short, "The dispute's origins lie in the violent break-up of communist Yugoslavia and Macedonia's declaration of independence in 1991 under a name, the Republic of Macedonia, which Greece regards as both an encroachment on its cultural heritage and an implicit territorial claim on a northern Greek province also called Macedonia." The turn that made things even more complicated was the blocking of the accession of the Republic of Macedonia to the European Union by Greece in 2008. This situation results both in ignorance and misinterpretations of how the neighbor population could be by the inhabitants of both countries. Fotini Gouseti's cultural project aims to bring together artists and non-artists from both countries in a welcoming and joyful attitude, in order that they meet and get to know each other and have fun together. This project is called "renkonto" and has three parts that work in parallel time, all in the town of Krusevo: The first part is a traditional wedding. Gouseti and her Macedonian partner Oliver Bozinovski have decided to get married. They are utilizing this social institution as a tool in order to bring their families and friends together in a mirthful mood. Some elements and conditions of the wedding are translated into art pieces and materialized by artists whose practices fit in each specific constituent element of the event.

The artists participating in this part of the project are: Momu & No Es (Spain), Maria Ikonomopoulou (Greece/Netherlands), Eden Mitsenmacher (USA/Israel), Witta Tjan (Indonesia/Netherlands) and Chara Drandaki (Greece). The wedding is taking place on the 9th of August. The second part of the project is an artist meeting with emerging artists from Greece and FYR Macedonia. It will be the first time that such a meeting will have taken place in an organized form. The meeting is getting materialized in cooperation with the artistic collaboration OPA (Obsessive Possessive Aggression) and will last for 3 days, the 7th, 8th and the 9th of August. The third part of the project is a party where the people attending the wedding and the people participating in the artist meeting are invited. Pyramidos, the Gypsy Band from Japan, playing Roma, Arabic, Latin and Japanese Folk & Pop music, will perform at the "rekonto" party after the wedding ceremony. Pyramidos sing songs from both countries in a unique, artistic and popular way and their interpretation of local music can constitute the perfect ground but also the "glue" that will bring everybody together. *In this text, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) is also referred to as "FYR Macedonia" or "Macedonia".