dsk presents Conversation Piece. With the participation of Kostas Tzimoulis (DAI, 2011) and others

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Opening: June 17, 2014, 20:00

dsk group ( Despina Sevasti, Sofia Simaki and Kostas Tzimoulis) presents the exhibition Conversation Piece. The exhibition is the outcome of an autonomous discourse and production process by the three artists.
Conversation pieces were a favorite mode of pictorial representation, as well as a theme dear to the bourgeoisie and aristocracy of the Enlightenment era. People posed in groups, in the midst of idyllic landscapes, or even in the spectacular spaces of picture galleries, these impressive private art collections, resulting in paintings that pictured the works along with their admirers and collectors, always gesturing gracefully, engaging in "civilized" conversation, inventing their own image and creating a densely emblematic space, illustrating the condition of pre-revolutionary Europe.
The occurring convergence of the interior space with the landscape inevitably contains a hint of the unexpected and the exotic. It creates and annuls consecutively a mise-en-scène that produces itself as well as its own simultaneous narrative. This is the memorial landscape, the landscape-monument, the landscape-souvenir, that which returns, which urges one to return, in the midst of a condition that is fully uncertain and urgently calling to mobilization.
Is artistic practice an artificial landscape in which we pose? Can we see ourselves and the Other within it? The exhibition is a stylized group portrait as well as the opening of a discussion. Goya and Dürer meet with debris-filled swamps, half-eaten cakes, fragments of cancelled buildings and sounds from the Greek nature documentaries of our childhood.

68, Kallidromiou St. Athens
17 June – 5 July 2014
Monday to Friday: 16:00-22:00
Saturday-Sunday: 12:00-22:00
Contact: dieskay@outlook.com

With the kind support of the "Paraskinio" café