2014 ~ Arnhem ~ June 16 ~ Theater aan de Rijn: Appropriation and Dedication. Performance project guided by Matthew Lutz-Kinoy and Susan Gibb, with the participation of Jan Adriaans, Maria Barlasov, Coco Duivenvoorde, Bryony Gillard, Monique Hendriksen, Constanza Puente, Kaste Seskeviciute, Celia Shomal, Aarti Sunder, Laila Torres Mendieta and Juan Yung-Han.

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16 June 2014,

9pm Appropriation and Dedication performance project

Dutch Art Institute/MFA ArtEZ

 Matthew Lutz-Kinoy and Susan Gibb

Theater aan de Rijn, Arnhem

On Monday 16 June at 9pm at the Theater aan de Rijn in Arnhem, the DAI students of Appropriation and Dedication present a short performance piece that takes Jean Genet's play The Balcony (1957) as a starting point. Drawing on methodologies of performance practice engaged with over the past year in Arnhem, and developed during an intensive week at the New Theater in Berlin with the artist Matthew Lutz-Kinoy and associate curator Susan Gibb, the presentation engages with the theater as a site and model for performance. Experimenting with the various mediums that intersect within the theater – the body and movement, scenography, script, sound and light – the performance project is the cumulative result of the students' experimentation with these aspects over the presentation's weeklong development.

This performance project is part of Appropriation and Dedication, a year-long performance project curated by If I Can't Dance, I Don't Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution, tutored in collaboration with Matthew Lutz-Kinoy and If I Can't Dance's commissioned artists Gerry Bibby, Snejanka Mihaylova, Emily Roysdon and Sara van der Heide, and coordinated by Tanja Baudoin, Susan Gibb and Vivian Ziherl as part of the MFA at the Dutch Art Institute during the academic year 2013 – 2014. The performance takes place as part of a week of end of year presentations and graduation festivities at the Dutch Art Institute/MFA ArtEZ.

Appropriation and Dedication at the DAI 

Appropriation and Dedication workshop in Berlin

Partnership If I Can't Dance & DAI 

If I Can't Dance I Don't want To Be Part Of Your Revolution