2014 - Belgrade: with the participation, among others, of Doreen Mende (DAI core tutor), Maja Hodošček (DAI, 2013) and 12 participants in the Travelling Communiqué Roaming Research group at the DAI.

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Image credit: MYH K-170/30, hall for plenary sessions on the opening day of the Conference of Non-Aligned Movement, Belgrade, September 1, 1961. © Museum of Yugoslav History, Belgrade.

Travelling Communiqué: A durational investigation into the presidential Photo Service archive (1948–1980) of Josip Broz Tito through the contemporary practices of art, theory, history, architecture, typography, cinema, and education.

Museum of Yugoslav History
Botićeva 6
11 000 Belgrade

June 10 - August 17

The Travelling Communiqué project is informed by the idea that the collective statement articulated as a call for a new kind of internationalism by the 25 delegates of the first Conference of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in Belgrade, September 1961, remains unanswered. Travelling Communiqué does not aspire to celebrate the histories and geographies of the Cold War and the NAM. Instead, it enquires into the possibilities of 'prolonging' the formation of the NAM into the social conditions of the present. The NAM can be understood as a third space of emancipation that sought to unsettle the bipolar world order through a wide variety of anti-colonial thinking. The Travelling Communiqué is an attempt to understand the process of becoming a political subject, initiated by those without names whose voices exist despite the efforts to silence them.

June 10
6pm: opening ceremonies at the Museum of Yugoslav History in Belgrade
7:30pm: performance lecture by Tarek Elhaik and Kriss Ravetto-Biagioli, at the cinema space, Museum of Yugoslav History

June 11–13
Summer school with Conflicting Identities (at ETH Zürich), Research Group of the Museum of Yugoslav History, The Otolith Group, Maja Hodošček, project group Travelling Communiqué, artists from the Dutch Art Institute, artists from Netsa Art Village Addis Ababa, Branimir Stojanović, Françoise Vergès, Jelena Vesić and Rachel O'Reilly

June 11–August 17
Film programme, curated by Miroljub Miki Stojanović, with film screening and talks at the cinema space, Museum of Yugoslav History; and at the Akademski Filmski Centar, Belgrade.

Details of the summer school and film programme will be updated regularly and available upon request from travelling.communique@gmail.com.

Travelling Communiqué is a durational project that relies on common authorship. It is curated by Armin Linke (Italy/Germany), Doreen Mende (Germany) and Milica Tomić (born in former Yugoslavia) in permanent discussion with Yero Adugna Eticha (Ethiopia), Kader Attia (Algeria/France), and Fabian Bechtle (Germany).

Conflicting Identities at ETH Zürich: Philip Ursprung (Switzerland), Marija Marić (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Seraina Renz (Switzerland), Dubravka Sekulić (born in former Yugoslavia), Damjan Kokalevski (Macedonia) and Haris Piplas (Bosnia and Herzegovina); Mirjana Dragosavljević (born in former Yugoslavia), Tarek Elhaik (Morocco/USA) & Kriss Ravetto-Biagioli (USA), Theo Eshetu (United Kingdom/Ethiopia), Kodwo Eshun (United Kingdom), Heba Farid (Egypt), Anselm Franke (Germany), Elizabeth W. Giorgis (Ethiopia), Fasil Giorghis (Ethiopia), Jean-Luc Godard (Switzerland) and Anne-Marie Mièville (France), Flaka Haliti (Kosovo), Roza El Hassan (Syria/Hungary), Samia Henni (Switzerland/Algeria), Maja Hodošček (born in former Yugoslavia), Pramod Kumar (India), Milica Lopičić (born in former Yugoslavia), Mirko Lovrić (Serbia), Olga Manojlović Pintar (Serbia), Fred Moten (USA)

Museum of Yugoslav History Research Group: Radovan Cukić (Serbia), Ivan Manojlović (Serbia), and Mirjana Slavković (Serbia) with Dorja Benussi (Croatia) and Ivan Benussi (Serbia)

The Netsa Art Village Addis Abbaba with Helen Zeru Araya (Ethiopia), Tamrat Gezahegn (Ethiopia), Mulugeta Kassa (Ethiopia), Mihret Kebede (Ethiopia), and Tesfahun Kibru; Mark Nash (United Kingdom), Garin Nugroho (Indonesia), The Otolith Group (United Kingdom), O'Tam Pulto (Ethiopia), Milja Radovanović (born in former Yugoslavia), Branimir Stojanović (Serbia), Miroljub Miki Stojanović (born in former Yugoslavia)

Subversive Films: Mohanad Yaqubi & Reem Shilleh (occupied Palestine); Žiga Testen (Slovenia)

Travelling Communiqué at the Dutch Art Institute in Arnhem, Netherlands: Jan Adriaans (Netherlands), Katia Barrett (United Kingdom), Hanan Benammar (Algeria/France), Anna Dasović (Netherlands), Coco Duivenvoorde (Netherlands), Aziza Harmel (Tunisia), Monique Hendriksen (Netherlands), Marianna Maruyama (USA/Italy), Celia Eslamieh Shomal (Iran), Aarti Sunder (India), Silvia Ulloa (Spain), Larraitz Torres (Spain) and Laila Torres Mendieta (Mexico); Dejan Vasić (born in former Yugoslavia), Jelena Vesić (born in former Yugoslavia) & Rachel O'Reilly (Australia), Vanessa Vasić-Janeković (born in former Yugoslavia), Françoise Vergès (Réunionnaise), and Jovanka Vojinović (born in former Yugoslavia)

The Travelling Communiqué project begins with the idea that the collective statements, images and sounds announced during the first Conference of the NAM in Belgrade in 1961 are still traveling.

Currently located at:
Muzej istorije Jugoslavije (Museum of Yugoslav History)

Travelling Communiqué is realised in collaboration with The Museum of Yugoslav History, Dutch Art Institute and Netsa Art Village, Adis Abbaba. The project is produced in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Belgrad, funded by The Foreign Office of The Federal Republic of Germany and The Ministry of Culture and Information of The Republic of Serbia; and supported by Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin), Institut für Geschichte und Theorie der Architektur-Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich, The Embassy of The People's Democratic Republic of Algeria in Serbia, The Embassy of The Republic of Indonesia in Serbia and The Embassy of The Arab Republic of Egypt in Serbia.


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