BAK / Former West: Other Survivalisms ~ moderated meetings with artists, theorists and activists on Friday, 16 May and on Saturday 17 May at Het Utrechts Archief / with Andrea Phillips, Mark Fischer, Boris Buden, Simon Sheikh and others

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BAK, basis voor actuele kunst would like to kindly draw your attention to the possibility to view Other Survivalisms, the second installment of its series of public editorial meetings, directly and in its entirety through a live stream on the FORMER WEST website.


Under the title Other Survivalisms, on 16 and 17 May 2014, BAK hosts a small-scale gathering of a number of collaborators from FORMER WEST's past and current investigations, who informally (re)negotiate the living knowledge brought together through the course of the project. After the initial Berlin public editorial meeting in 2013, the Utrecht edition coincides with BAK's current research inquiry into Future Vocabularies and its opening entry on conceptual itineraries of "survival."

While the introductory strand of inquiry explores the question of the commons as a mode of ensuring the survival of the notion of the public, the second discussion tackles the prospects of survival through economic and environmental perspectives and catastrophes. The concluding panel deliberates upon survival through the notion of "afterlife" and a critique of the ideologies behind "post-isms."

Other Survivalisms consists of a number of moderated meetings with artists, theorists, and activists on Friday, 16 May, 13.30–20.00 hrs, and on Saturday, 17 May, 09.30–20.00 hrs, at Het Utrechts Archief, located opposite from BAK on Hamburgerstraat 28, Utrecht.

Contributors to the project include: Boris Buden, writer, cultural critic, and translator, Berlin; T.J. Demos, art historian and critic, London; Benjamin Fallon, writer and curator, Brussels; Mark Fisher, theorist, writer, and editor, London; Maja & Reuben Fowkes, art historians and curators, Budapest and London; Katherine Gibson, theorist and writer, Sydney; Maria Hlavajova, curator and cultural organizer, artistic director of BAK, Utrecht; Brigitta Kuster, artist and writer, Berlin; Laura McLean, curator and researcher, London; Massimiliano Mollona, theorist and writer, London; Alexei Penzin, philosopher and writer, London and Moscow; Andrea Phillips, theorist and writer, London; Poka-Yio, artist and curator, Athens; Simon Sheikh, curator and theorist, Berlin and London; Jonas Staal, artist, Rotterdam; and Marina Vishmidt, writer, editor, and critic, London.

The series of FORMER WEST public editorial meetings is developed and curated by Boris Buden, Maria Hlavajova, and Simon Sheikh.


Unfortunately, this event is fully booked and registration is closed at this time.

However, the proceedings of the Other Survivalisms public editorial meeting are streamed live at and, from 18 May onward, archived on the FORMER WEST Digital Platform.


16 May 2014, 14.00–18.45 hrs;

17 May 2014, 10.30–13.30 hrs;

17 May 2014, 15.00–19.00 hrs

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