Monday May 12 at 8:00pm: DAI SALON, talk by Laure Prouvost ~ Thank you for coming. Location: DAI's auditorium

tag: Arnhem

Thank you for coming,     

Ideally here would be a biography about the artist, Her name, date of birth and location where she was born. A line here. A list of exhibitions, information of where she studied and where she lives, a selection of solo show and group shows with dates in brackets following the exhibition title, the place and location, museum shows, names of publications, people who wrote about her work. Galleries that represent her, places that distribute her videos. Words talking about her practice, describing in 4 sentences what her work is about, a comma, and a list of future shows, a list of residencies and awards. A line. At the end possibly an image of her, or an art work so you get a better idea of what you are about to be introduced to.

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