Johnny van Doorn ( 1944 – 1991)

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Johan "Johnny" van Doorn  was active as a writer, poet and performer, first in his hometown Arnhem, later in Amsterdam.

"Van Doorn called himself Johnny the Selfkicker, a nickname he has proven to be worthy of by means of wild, often haphazard performances, during which he never failed to work himself into a frenzy, which often resulted in him collapsing right in front of an astonished audience, say........ " (More on Wikipedia)

Watch Johnny in his early years performing his poem Een Magistrale Stralende Zon, in SPIRIT OF THE TIME (1968) Dutch essay-filmmaker Johan van der Keuken's collage of "drop-outs," protesters (both left and right), musicians and hippies.

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Square in Arnhem named after Johnny van Doorn