Einat Tuchman

Einat Tuchman lives and works in Brussels. She is a performer and a dancer/choreographer. In the last coupe of years she involved social concepts in her work, mainly researching the relation between the self and the collective environment. Einat Tuchman is creating interactive performances where she use notions of hospitality to examine relations of territoriality and ownership within the multicultural urban space.  She works with, amongst others, art organizations as Beursschouwburg, KVS, Mokum , Buda and is also part of the artistic political movement called "state on the arts".

Tuchman studied dance in the Rotterdam dance academy and has danced and performed in performances of, amongst many others, Alain Platel, Nigel Charnock, Orla Bery and Need Company.

She teached performance training in different frames such as Fontys (Tilburg), a.pass (Brussels) and the The Hague Art Academy.