Wednesday April 9 at 8pm ~ Travelling Communiqué at DAI: AN EVENING WITH THE OTOLITH GROUP ~ Screening of 'Sovereign Sisters' (2014) and slide-projection 'In the Year of the Quiet Sun' (2013) ~ followed by a conversation with the artists, moderated by Doreen Mende. Location: DAI's auditorium in the Kortestraat

tag: Arnhem

We kindly invite you to a (free) public event with The Otolith Group ( Kodwo Eshun and Anjalika Sagar). Following their two day long involvement with Doreen Mende's student group (the participants in TRAVELLING COMMUNIQUÉ: FROM BELGRADE, SEPTEMBER 5, 1961 )  the acclaimed collective will present two recent works to the entire DAI-community and engage in a conversation with the audience. 

Sovereign Sisters (2014)

Rene de Saint-Marceaux's 1907 granite and bronze statue, which still stands in Kleine Schanze Park in Bern, exalts the imperial ambition of the Union Postale Universelle, the organisation founded in 1874 to standardise the postal communication of Empire, which continues to plan the planet's postal networks from its home within the United Nations. Conceived and conceptualised by The Otolith Group and 3D scanned and animated by ScanLab, Sovereign Sisters does not document the contemporary condition of the monument but instead derealises Saint-Marceaux's seemingly anachronistic aesthetic. In spectralising its deification of global communication into a greyscale pointcloud, Sovereign Sisters conjures the forces of infrastructure and automatism that lie dormant and sublimated by the patriarchitecture of monument as maiden.

In the Year of the Quiet Sun (2013)

The Screening will be followed by a commented slide projection with images from Otolith Group's recent essay-film In the Year of the Quiet Sun . It takes its name from the decrease in solar surface temperature that occurs every eleven years. From November 1964 to November 1965, the nation states of the world issued postage stamps to commemorate the first scientific expedition to study the sun. As the stamps turned their face towards the sky, they overlooked the unstable land of Africa's newly independent states.