DAI-partner If I Can't Dance I Don't Want To Be Part Of your Revolution / Frederique Bergholtz shortlisted for the Dutch pavilion at the Venice Biennial 2015

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If I Can't Dance I Don't Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution is delighted to report that Frédérique Bergholtz with If I Can't Dance has been shortlisted by the Mondriaan Fonds for the Dutch pavilion at the Venice Biennial 2015. If I Can't Dance's proposal extends from its forthcoming programme and focuses on the relations between the body, the stage and the political. The artistic practices IICD is following in this context are those of Ansuya Blom, Yael Davids, Sara van der Heide, Suchan Kinoshita and Wendelien van Oldenborgh.

If I Can't Dance finds itself in the great company of Roel Arkesteijn and Ellen Gallagher; Colin Huizing with Cees de Boer and herman de vries; Xander Karskens and Erik van Lieshout; and Hripsimé Visser and Rineke Dijkstra.

In late June the developed proposals of the shortlisted curators and artists are presented to the jury of Hester Alberdingk Thijm (director AkzoNobel Art Foundation), Saskia Bos (dean Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art), Aernout Mik (visual artist), Martijn van Nieuwehuyzen (curator Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam) and president Birgit Donker (director Mondriaan Fonds). They will select one of the proposals to represent The Netherlands at the Venice Biennial of 2015.

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