Castrum Peregrini March 22 & 23: sneak preview "Quitte le Pouvoir" in the presence of Aida Grovestins, director, Machteld Aardse (DAI, 2007),drawings and production and Cheikh Diarra of the group "Y'en a marre" from Dakar, one of the main protagonists of the film.

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We are happy to invite you on Saturday 22nd and Sunday the 23rd of March for the Sneak Preview Quitte le Pouvoir ( 30 min.) and the exhibition of Limited Editions drawings and animations from our film at gallery Castrum Peregrini.

This weekend the more than 1000 drawings specially made for the film are on display and for sale. Crowdfunders can choose and collect their drawing(s) directly from the show.
The Senegalese rapper Cheikh Diarra of the group Y'en a marre ( Fed Up ) will also be present.

Quitte le Pouvoir is a documentary with subtle animations. When a group of young rappers from Dakar, Senegal, join forces through their music to create a revolt, the presidential elections get a surprising turn.

Program Saturday 22th and Sunday 23rd of March
14:00 h. Opening
14:15 h. Welcome and talk Aida & Machteld - crowdfunding results and what is coming up next. (2nd movie 'Women of Waalo')
14:30 – 15:15 u. Screening film
15:30 - Q & A with Aida, Machteld, Hanneke and the main character of the film Cheikh Diarra + opening exhibition
Start reception. During reception, the film is simultaneously on view in a small room for about 12 people
18:00 h. End

Catrum Peregrini
Herengracht 401, Amsterdam

Please let us know if you can attend. If you are unable to attend the weekend, and wish to see the film and drawings, let us know and contact Machteld. (
Warm regards and see you at Castrum Peregrini, on behalf of your team,

Aida Grovestins (director/ producer)
Machteld Aardse (drawings for animations/ producer)
and Hanneke van der Linden (animations)
Special thanks to: all crowdfunders, AFK, Cinecrowd, Webster University, foremostfilm