Bureau d’Espoir ~ Veridiana Zurita (DAI, 2010) and others ~ presents 'Battery' & 'Natural History Museum of Hope' at gallery ZSenne

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Come for a drink, bring a Hope Object for the Museum
or join us for the Hope Sessions Concert.

This opening event marks the start of the Natural History
Museum of Hope, the Battery performance, and the Tarot Sessions.

13.12.2013 @ ZSenne, Anneessensstraat 2, 1000 Brussels


A 22 days long, ongoing performance in the street windows
of Zsenne in which two hope researchers test the power
of the machine to turn dire circumstances into hopeful ones.


>> Every weekday: 13-19h
>> Weekends: 12-18h

An interactive exhibition in which visitors can come
to exchange Hope Objects, browse through the Hope Library
or have a session with the caretakers to read the Tarot of Hope
with them. Or to just have a cup of tea, and recharge
your batteries in the middle of the Christmas craze!

The more adventurous visitors are also invited to join
the performers in the Battery, as test volunteers to try out
different strategies of hope, developed by Bureau d'Espoir.

Next to these ongoing activities, Bureau d'Espoir also organizes
lectures and concerts, on the topic of Hope today.

Full program and up-to-date agenda on www.bureaudespoir.org

For additional information please email hope@bureaudespoir.org

Bureau d'Espoir collaborators: Elke van Campenhout,
Veridiana Zurita, Robin Creswell, Heike Langsdorf,
Helena Dietrich, Lilia Mestre, Hans Meijer & Miriam Hempel

Guests: Rares Craiut, Geert Opsomer, Pieter de Buysser,
Simon Loeffler, Samuel Vriezen, Bart Desmet,
Charles Bernard & Adrien Kempf

Bureau d'Espoir

Bureau d'Espoir researches the possibility of creating new engagements with the concept of hope, both on a political, social, physical and spiritual level. The Bureau started up in 2009 with the simple question: 'why do something rather than nothing?'.

Since then the project has evolved into an active work hub for the development of different collaborative research projects, concerned with the import, export and commonal development of hope. Bureau d'Espoir wants to lay bare the absurd and affective nonsensical by-products of a global economy and our present global system of institutionalized bureaucracy.

With the Battery project, the Natural History Museum of Hope, and the publication Tarot of Hope, Bureau d'Espoir proposes a tool for rethinking our relation to the world, using bits and pieces of material that have been gleaned over the working years of the Hope project.

A full overview of the projects and works of Bureau d'Espoir can be found on www.bureaudespoir.org