"Detroit', edition ONE /an artist-led initiative concerned with the time and timeliness of art work. Bryony Gillard (DAI, 2015) and Hannah Still and others

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Detroit: Edition One
23 November 2013 to 26 January 2014


Detroit is an artist-led initiative concerned with the time and timeliness of art work. We ask questions about how a work is made as well as the context it is made within. This interest is pursued through a broad consideration of the contested idea of artistic research and an investment in residency.

Edition One

Edition One takes place on the harbourside in central Bristol and at public locations in the Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone. Edition One proposes three experimental residencies as the core of the programme. The project space is both a working environment for artists and a conceptual space based on the ideal of a courtyard: a place where space becomes time. A courtyard is at once private and public, open and closed. Detroit will work closely with three artists formulating malleable residency structures that respond to the conditions that artists' work takes place within today and make tangible the hidden threads and politics involved in the making of artworks and exhibitions. These concerns will be explored through a public programme of exhibitions and performances, and discursive events including reading groups and walks.

Project Launch 23 November 7.30pm

The evening will act to introduce the programme and our concept for the organisation through opening our space for a social gathering; it marks the beginning of our new collaborations. Drinks, speeches, screenings, music and dancing from 7.30pm. Detroit have invited DJs and special guests to respond to the invitation to play a Detroit set their own way.


Vanessa Billy (CH)
Beth Collar (UK)
Rory Pilgrim (NL)

The Library of Independent Exchange (UK)
City Edition Studio (UK)