New World Academy presents: Open Source Tribunal National Democratic Movement of the Philippines versus Unnatural Disaster Typhoon Haiyan / with the collaboration of Constanza Puente and Bonbon Yung-Han Juan (both DAI, 2015) and many others

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We cordially invite you to the launch of Open Source Tribunal this Saturday 23 November 2013 from 15:00 to 17:00 hrs at the Nicolai Church in Utrecht. A free platform that can be used by any individual or group seeking justice from systematic abuse, persecution, or oppression, this first session of the Tribunal performs the case of the National Democratic Movement of the Philippines against those responsible for the unnatural disaster of typhoon Haiyan.

The prosecution, led by Professor Jose Maria Sison, will address:
(1) The ecological conditions that led to the disaster;
(2) The failure of the Filipino state to protect and provide aid to its citizens;
(3) The accountability of NGOs over the misuse of funds for the people.

Open Source Tribunal abides by five principles: the principle of Openness; the principle of Equality; the principle of Solidarity; the principle of Self-Empowerment; and the principle of Creativity.

The platform of the Open Source Tribunal has been developed during New World Academy (NWA), Session I: Towards a People's Culture, by Concerned Artists of the Philippines and the National Democratic Movement of the Philippines in collaboration with participating students, artists, and cultural activists: Martha Atienza; Younes Bouadi; Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei; Matthijs de Bruijne; Jonjon Bustamanta; Nima Ezatpour; Claudio Feliziani; Jefrey Guiban; Anna Ioannidi; Lisa Ito; Luis Jalandoni; Yung-Han Juan; Robert Kluijver; Yumemi Kobayashi; Pepe Luneta; Oumarou Maman Salissou; Renée in der Maur; Walkie Miraña; Henning Middelschulte; Minsun Park; Uzine Park; Constanza Puente; Ika Putranto; Heekyung Ryu; Ilena Saturay; Jun Saturay; Marikit Saturay; Mitchy Saturay; Jose Maria Sison; Jonas Staal; Mahdiyeh Tayefeh Kalhori; Alejandro Vasquez; Audrey Wang; Yinan Wang; and Gayane Yerkanyan in solidarity with BAYAN Balsa Philippines, the Linganan Art and Culture Network, and MIGRANTE Europe. One-person choir performed by Bethany Younge, conducted by Samuel Vriezen. Supported by Centraal Museum Utrecht.

NWA is co-established by Jonas Staal and BAK, basis voor actuele kunst.

New World Academy presents Open Source Tribunal
Saturday 23.11.2013, 15:00-17:00 hrs
Nicolai church, Nicolaaskerkhof 8, Utrecht
Admission free of charge. We warmly welcome donations to support local efforts that deal with the devastation caused by typhoon Haiyan.

For more information on Open Source Tribunal please see and the Tribunal statement attached to this email.

NWA has been made financially possible by Fentener van Vlissingen Fonds, Utrecht; K.F. Hein Fonds, Utrecht; and Mondriaan Fonds, Amsterdam.

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