2013 / artist, editor: David Maroto / Title: The South Highway / Designer: Christine Pogatchnik / Text: David Maroto

Part story, part game, this is a book with a difference –one in which you become the protagonist. The narrative changes according to your decisions on which path to follow, the actions to carry out, and the answers to give to other characters. It is you who interacts with the others inside the book, and thus are responsible for the protagonist's vicissitudes. You will need all your wits about you to go through the unexpected that lies ahead. Apparently trivial situations can lead some time later to a serious outcome in which your own life can be at stake. Thus, choose your actions carefully!

Collection editor: Yolande van der Heide for Publishing Class lll 

Publisher: Dutch Art Institute / MFA ArtEZ & Casco, Office for Art, Theory and Design.

This publication can be ordered via WALTER books:info@walterinarnhem.nl