If I Can't Dance proudly presents the first chapter of By Any Other Name, a new performance project by Emily Roysdon, presented in collaboration with the Stedelijk Museum and Playground Festival in STUK/Museum M

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31 October 2013, 5pm & 7pm                                                                                                                            Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

Tickets: Entrance price to the museum
Reservations: write to reservations@stedelijk.nl including your full name, e-mail address, telephone number and the date of the event. Please indicate which of the performances you would like to attend, 5pm or 7pm.

9 November 2013, 8pm
10 November 2013, 7pm
Playground Festival, Leuven

Tickets: €10, reduction €6
Order from www.playgroundfestival.be

The piece is the first chapter in an international and multi-year series that is developing a vocabulary around the term 'to discompose'. The opening chapter will be structured as a workshop within a theatre setting that articulates an environment of observation and response, and is framed by text and tableau. A lighting design by Katinka Marac will present a dramaturgy of darkness that is punctuated by the contributions of invited artists; namely a series of drawings by Babi Badalov, that inaugurates Roysdon's project at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, and a choreographic contribution by Eleanor Bauer, that will be introduced for the second presentation at Playground Festival in Leuven. These collaborators will continue to accumulate throughout the progress of By Any Other Name, growing to become a troupe of players. Two sessions of twenty-five participants will be held each in Amsterdam and in Leuven, RSVP will be required.

About 'to discompose', Emily Roysdon says, "I've been thinking through this idea for about two years now but can't yet use it in a sentence, which I find promising." The idea is thus far a tool for Roysdon, one she is working through in this series of performances. She uses it in relation to site and performance, social spaces, institutions, and collaboration. Roysdon is also working through what she calls 'minor theatre', and which denotes her interest to invest in staging the relationship of audience and text, while trying to "build a structure for people to be alive inside."


3 November 2013, 4pm
Emily Roysdon at Emma's
If I Can't Dance Offices,
Westerdok 606-608, Amsterdam

Tickets: free
Reservations: write to bookings@ificantdance.org

A public dialogue with Emily Roysdon will be hosted at the If I Can't Dance Offices, for this occasion dubbed 'Emma's'. It is the first of several gatherings with each of the artists within the Edition V – Appropriation and Dedication programme; Gerry Bibby, Sara van der Heide, and Snejanka Mihaylova. These meetings function as conversational way-stations in which each of the artists is invited to open up their working methodology and to discuss their source materials. They are conceived as an opportunity for feedback from the audience and for publicly staged research within the ongoing processes of the two-year commission cycle.

The first Emma will be facilitated by If I Can't Dance curator Vivian Ziherl and will address Roysdon's ongoing experimentations with the notion 'to discompose' as well as reflect upon the first installment of her 'minor theatre' workshops. From this point a broader net will be cast, drawing links to Roysdon's earlier projects such as A Gay Bar Called Everywhere, and Ecstatic Resistence, as well as other touchstones in dance, literature and visual art.

The new work of Emily Roysdon is commissioned by If I Can't Dance within the frame of Edition V – Appropriation & Dedication, with commissioning partners the Playground Festival Leuven (STUK/Museum M), the TBA festival of the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, and the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. The work is also supported by Corpus, European Network For Performance Art, funded through the European Union.

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