2013-2014 Outside Academy offers students and alumni to participate in: New World Summit - Academy for Cultural Activism / founded by Jonas Staal

Participants: Tommie Soro, Malina Suleiman, Aarti Sunder,Ben Burtenshaw, Louis Liu, Monique Hendriksen, Sarah Demoen, Sevgi Ortac, Aziza Harmel, Fotini Gouseti, Kim Schonewille, Eduardo Cachucho, Hanan Benammar, Constanza Puente, Yung-Han juan, Charlie Dance

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 This project takes places outside DAI - weeks and is open to both students and alumni. Florian Göttke will act as the intermediary between DAI and NWS. ECTS - study points will be accredited to the participating DAI-students. 

NWS offers three intensive workshops at BAK, Utrecht, to collaborate with members of three political organizations that are currently excluded from democratic processes. The New World Summit develops, by means of art, "alternative parliaments" for organizations that currently find themselves excluded from democratic processes, for example by use of so called "designated lists of terrorist organizations."

The NWS Academy for Cultural Activism is developed to bring artists and art students in contact with organizations from the NWS network. These include the banned organizations themselves, as well as progressive political parties, diplomatic bodies and other initiatives that oppose the current oppressive policies of so-called liberal democracy.

During the three days, participants are challenged to critically engage with the frame proposed by the organizations and work on a collective project that is presented as a concept to the public on the third day and will be realized in different institutions and forms afterwards (the Filipino group will work on collective theater and the people's trial, whereas the Pirate Party proposes an exploration of a model for "permanent campaigning" for example).

Workshop 1: Towards a People's Culture
15-17 November Guest Organization: National Democratic Movement of the Philippines
Assignment: Develop a model for a transnational "People's Trial" to prosecute state-terrorism

DAI-participants: Constanza Puente and Bonbon Yung-Han Juan

Presentation 23 Dec: Centraal Museum, Utrecht

Workshop 2: Collective Struggle of Refugees: Lost. In Between. Together.
29 Nov -1 Dec Guest Organization: We are here
Assignment: Collective Struggle of Refugees: Lost. In Between. Together. 

DAI-participants: Charlie Dance, Coco Duivenvoorde, Kim Schonewille, Tommie Soro, Louis Liu, Fotini Gouseti.

Presentation: BAK, Utrecht, 7 December

Workshop 3: Leaderless Politics, 13-15 December
Guest Organization: Pirate Parties International
Assignment: Develop a digital campaign for a leaderless party presentation: online/public domain

DAI-participants: Malina Suleiman, Ben Burtenshaw, Aarti Sunder, Eduardo Cachucho, Louis Liu, Monique Hendriksen, Sarah Demoen, Sevgi Ortac, Aziza Harmel



More information: 

National Democratic Movement of the Philippines Short description of the organization (forthcoming)

We are here Short description of the organization (forthcoming)

Pirate Parties International Short description of the organization (forthcoming)

Documentation from the New World Summit in Leiden 2012 : http://vimeo.com/65183244

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