Traveling without moving / Marianna Maruyama (DAI, 2014) / artist in residence at Crabbehof

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Crabbehof, Dordrecht. An ideal place to work on the idea of "traveling without moving."

The artist-in-residency program in Crabbehof started earlier this year as an initiative by the Crabbehof Wijkwinkel in collaboration with Kim Schonewille (DAI 2014), Jan-Dirk Costeris and Ofira Nebelstein. This is the first such program in this area of Dordrecht, a neighborhood more well known for its modernist housing projects from the 1960's and one that exemplifies the notion of "failed architecture."

Here I see a significant convergence of mobility and movement that has inspired the project for this residency period. The stasis imposed by architecture, the very immobility of buildings, and the retired community which also has limited mobility, stands in direct contrast to the changing image of the neighborhood, the many young members of the community who have varied ethnic and national backgrounds, and the families who are committed to transforming their lives here in this very place.

With that in mind, I have chosen to copy, by hand, the entire book "Il Milione" (De Wonderen van de Orient) by Marco Polo, in Dutch, on Chinese scrolls using India ink. The invitation to participate and help write is open to all, and the entire project will be carried out in the Wijktheater in Crabbehof. Thus by copying, we also encounter a convergence of immobility and movement - traveling without moving. Together, sitting still, we will journey across time and space, and work in the tradition of copying ancient and sacred texts. As a creative practice, I also make reference to "Pierre Menard, autor del Quijote", the short story by Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges.

Open days: June 13,14,15 and 20, 21, 22

To supplement this project, I'll be screening "The Art of Travel: Alain De Botton" (June 13th) and "Wheel of Time" directed by Werner Herzog (June 20th) at the Wijktheather. Both begin at 19:30 and entrance is free.

The final work will be exhibited on the 30th June.

Marianna Maruyama
(DAI 2014)