Thursday March 21 / DAI Public talk / Leaving the Studio / Bik van der Pol / DAI-auditorium

tags: Arnhem, Eindhoven

The artistic practice of Bik Van der Pol is collective, leaving the studio as a place of production and using the artistic workplace itself – practice – as the site of research and production. In this talk they will revisit a selection of past projects that have taken place within different contexts - be it public space, institutions or an art fair - and consider how those contexts have been used to different ends. By examining the different factors at play - from invitation to participants and audience, the talk will reflect on what determines artistic production outside the studio today.
Bik Van der Pol work collaboratively since 1995. They live and work in Rotterdam.

The talk is moderated by Nick Aikens and takes place within the context of 'Useful Art', a course run by Van Abbemuseum and part of the Co-Op Academy at DAI.