Wednesday March 20 / DAI Public presentation/ group conversation by & with René Gabri and Ayreen Anastas / DAI - auditorium

tags: New York, Arnhem

In the context of nuclear fallout, climate change, economic austerity, mass privatization and enclosure of the commons, increasing xenophobia, political dissent and state repression, what can art do or undo?

Ayreen Anastas and Rene Gabri are two artists living in New York, associated with various works, collaborative projects, spaces, and initiatives. Whether they do something individually, with each other, or with others, the endeavors often involve an open ended search for how a particular place, context, situation or encounter may offer a singular perspective on the world, on life, or on shared life (sometimes understood as politics).

Art, in this sense, is not a privileged or isolated site of formal inquiry or medium specificity, as much as it acts as a between space, a conjunctive space for understanding or perceiving life or things or the life of things sometimes anew, sometimes for the first time and sometimes for the last.

In their brief time in Holland, they are interested in activating discussions with different groups inquiring about the general conditions of life, and to possibly learn about different initiatives, struggles, challenges, positions and how they may be connected to broader dynamics/struggles beyond Holland and the EU.

They have over the last years been interested in rethinking essential elements of life, such as food, work, and housing along a non-capitalist and common(s) horizon.

More generally, the two are interested in going beyond their interest and this process of discussion may be seen as a step in that direction.

They are also open to share from their recent experiences in different contexts, so questions you may have can also be a good starting point.