Erick Beltrán

Erick Beltrán (Mexico City, 1974) analyzes and reflects on discourse constructions and transhistorical knowledge formats. He investigates the power that the different graphic means exert in their information distribution, as well as explicit treatment on different conducts and values. He works with diverse formats such as the multiple or the book, installation and lecture-performance. Through these mediums he experiments with the link between public art and the various graphic languages. The archive, the museum and the library are tools and natural means in this investigation process.

Recent work has been exhibited at Parque Cultural Valparaiso (Chile), MACBA (Barcelona), Qalandia International (Palestine), Taipei Biennial 2012 (Taipei), CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts (San Francisco), The Tropenmuseum (Amsterdam), Manifesta 8 (Murcia), among others.

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