Fotomuseum: Power! Photos! Freedom! / with Gaddafi Archive, Florian Göttke (PhD-researcher at the DAI), Hrair Sarkissian a.o.

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Power! Photos! Freedom!
opening February 14, 20:00
Till June 9.

Fotomuseum Antwerpen
Waalsekaai 47

A cheering crowd in a Libyan sports stadium, gazing hopefully in the direction of their leader. Thus started the dubious political career of Muammar Gaddafi, a career which would end 42 years later in blood and gore. The photos went around the world. The FoMu focuses on the power of photography during recent events in the Arab world. The extensive Gaddafi archives are complemented by photographs on Syria, Egypt and Tunisia. Even though photography is clearly the ultimate propaganda tool for leaders in authoritarian regimes, it can also prove to be an important weapon for the people during a revolution.

FoMu shows work of the following artists and photographers: Issa Touma (SY, °1962), Nicolas Righetti (CH, °1967), Florian Göttke (DE, °1965), Hrair Sarkissian (SY, °1973), Nermine Hammam (EG, °1967), Joachim Ben Yakoub (BE, °1982) and Marco Bohr (DE, °1978). Next to these the civil journalism collective Mosireen (Egypt) and Facebook group 'Uprising of Women in the Arab World' are presented as well.