Saturday 26 January / Cancelled Out By Noises And Whispers / Performative presentations by Informal Strategies (Doris Denekamp (DAI, 2011) & Geert van Mil), Emilio Moreno (DAI, 2011), Eva Olthof (DAI, 2011) at Het Wilde Weten

| tag: Rotterdam

Doors open 19:30

On this evening, the project space of Het Wilde Weten will be the site for an investigation in three parts, presented by artists Emilio Moreno, Eva Olthof and the collective informal strategies.

The artists will each unfold a narrative along the lines of their individual research concerning the image, or its erasure, and the writing of history in different parts of the world. One of the various questions that will be adressed, is: When an archaeological artefact has been stolen and only its photograph remains, what is the value of this image?

Emilio Moreno (ES, 1980) is an artist based in Amsterdam.
Eva Olthof (NL, 1983) is an artist and member of Het Wilde Weten. Informal strategies consists of Doris Denekamp (NL, 1984), Geert van Mil (NL, 1983) & Matthijs van Wageningen (NL, 1983). They are based in Rotterdam.