Wednesday 16 January / If I Can't Dance presents a DAI Public film program / *separation penetrates* / curated and introduced by Jacob Korczynski / with films by Maia Cybelle Carpenter, Emily Wardill, David Lamelas and others / location: DAI auditorium

tag: Arnhem

19.30 - 21.00


One is inside
then outside what one has been inside
One feels empty
Because there is nothing inside oneself
One tries to get inside oneself
   that inside of the outside
   that one was once inside
   once one tries to get oneself inside what
   one is outside:
   to eat and to be eaten
to have the outside inside and to be
   inside the outside

-from Knots (1970) by R.D. Laing

The classroom, the cinema. Two rooms, not completely unalike. In each we enter an encounter with a group and negotiate our autonomy in a collective space. These films and videos by Maia Cybelle Carpenter, David Lamelas, Hazel Meyer, Robert Morris, Andrew James Paterson, and Emily Wardill will come together to fall apart.

Jacob Korczynski is an independent curator based in Toronto. A recent participant in the de Appel Curatorial Programme, he has curated projects for the Dunlop Art Gallery, SAW Gallery, Vtape, Gallery TPW and the Art Gallery of York University amongst others, and his writing has appeared in Prefix Photo, Ciel Variable, Border Crossings, C Magazine and Fillip. A former member of the Pleasure Dome collective, he was also the co-curator of Print Generation and From Instructions, the 22nd and 23rd editions of the Images Festival. Currently, he is developing a research project for the Performance in Residence platform of If I Can't Dance, I Don't Want to Be Part of Your Revolution.  

This event takes place within the context of 'Curating Academy', a course commissioned by DAI, curated, organized and tutored by If I Can't Dance I Don't Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution