2012 Sunday 2 December / the kitchen, not the restaurant / DAI public lecture-presentations by students / Hanan Benammar, Silvia Ulloa, Sarah Jones, Larraitz Torres, Fraser Stewart, Toeh Meisami, Mercedes Azpilicueta, Yoeri Guepin, David Maroto / Respondents: Mark Fisher and Rossella Biscotti / Location: lecture room Kunstvlaai

tag: Amsterdam

Every DAI week, one full day is dedicated to lecture-presentations by students. Students present an update of their research in the form of a lecture-presentation or lecture-performance of 20 minutes to an audience consisting of their fellow students, interested members of the general public, the head of program Gabriëlle Schleijpen and two invited independent guests, this week writer Mark Fisher and artist Rossella Biscotti. Each student-presentation ends with two specific questions, one for each guest. The guests will try to engage with these questions in the context of the respective presentations, live, on the spot, in the form of a spoken reflection, followed by discussion. / Where: lecture room Kunstvlaai

*Research materials or what is This? And what do I actually Do with it? [A Beginning] / by Silvia Ulloa / When: 11.10

*From the Air Force to the love letters... / by Hanan Benammar / When: 11.50

*Invent The Landscape / by Larraitz Torres / When: 12.30

*cut'n'polish / by Sarah Jones / When: 13.10

*Limousine / by Fraser Stewart / When: 15.00

*Rifled Down / by Toeh Meisami / When: 15.40

*Myth No.3: you can´t teach an old dog new tricks / by Mercedes Azpilicueta / When: 16.20

*Practical practices/performative frames / by Yoeri Guepin / When: 17.00

*The Loser Gazette - From self-portrait to public project / by David Maroto / When: 17.40-18.20