Saturday 24th November / DAI Public / sound installation performance / You never look at me from the place I see you – Ingeborg Entrop / Location: Festival of Independents/ Kunstvlaai 2012

tag: Amsterdam

 The sound installation/performance, entitled 'You never look at me from the place I see you', is inspired by a lecture series given by the French psychoanalyst and thinker Jacques Lacan (1901-1981). In those lectures Lacan elaborates on the intrinsic split in the scopic field, between seeing and being observed, between the eye of the subject and the gaze of the other. Mostly the eye dominates the visual regime, but in exceptional cases the gaze reverses that dominance, for example by ways of imitation or mimicry. One example of that is the eyespot on a peacock feather.

In a former classroom, where the split between the eye of the teacher and the gaze of the pupil still lingers, Lacan's thoughts are interpreted in the shape of a sound installation that is accompanied by an on-going performance. The work revolves around the gaze by presenting different levels of mimicry of the eye, both in sound and action. The piece is part of a larger body of works that explores the intersubjective quality of sound in relation to the visual experience.

Ingeborg Entrop (1970) is an artist based in Groningen, the Netherlands, who works with sound and signs in various media. Her artistic practice started with an interest in language as the most primal of all mental constructions that mankind has developed to grasp the world. Her investigations include the ambiguity of the linguistic sign as image and the visualization of sound, which has lead to an on-going interest in onomatopoeia. Current focus in her work is on sound and the specificity of the sonic experience in relation to the visual experience. After gaining the bachelor's degree in fine art in 2010, Ingeborg recently graduated from the Dutch Art Institute in Arnhem. Earlier she studied physics in Groningen and gained a PhD degree from the Eindhoven University of Technology. Recent projects are an onomatopoeic wall and roof painting on a pumping station in Groningen, and the publication of the art book Fugue in D (Liberated Silence).