Sunday 25th November / DAI Public / RELATIVELY RIGID / text piece performed by Marija Sujica (DAI, 2012) Witta Tjan (DAI, 2012), Daniela Wick, Mariana Zamarbide (DAI, 2013) / Location: Festival of Independents/ Kunstvlaai 2012

tag: Amsterdam

Dear friends and colleagues,

I am happy to invite you to our performance at the Kunstvlaai.


John Cage wrote Postcard from Heaven in 1982 as a music piece for 1 to 20 harps.
Postcard from Heaven will be performed in parallel this weekend; whilst the Harpists of the Amsterdam Conservatorium perform at Rainy Days 2012, Festival de Musique Nouvelle in Luxemburg, we shall perform Relatively Rigid at the Kunstvlaai, Festival of Independents in Amsterdam.

Relatively Rigid is a text piece performed by

Marija Sujica
Witta Tjan
Daniela Wick
Mariana Zamarbide

Sunday 25th November - Kunstvlaai - - (former) Sint Nicolaas Lyceum,
Prinses Irenestraat 21, 1077 WT, Amsterdam
18:00 - DAI classroom A 2-8

Witta Tjan