2012 Friday 30 November / DAI Public Conversation / The Public Uses of Art and its Histories / Charles Esche, Annie Fletcher and Steven ten Thije in conversation, moderated by Nick Aikens / Location: Festival of Independents / Kunstvlaai 2012

tag: Amsterdam


The discussion will centre on the long-term research project of the Van Abbemuseum, 'The Uses of Art', examining the historical role of art and its institutions as a means to better understand their use for us today. 'The Uses of Art' aims to anchor our inherited art history in that of civil society, tracing it back to the civic revolutions of 1848, through war and social change up to 1989 and on to the economic crises of today. Here, the museum's curators will introduce the historical, artistic and political co-ordinates that are shaping the project. The discussion takes place in the context of the Van Abbe's 'Useful Art' course at DAI.


Charles Esche

Annie Fletcher

Steven the Thije

Nick Aikens