Sunday 25th November/ DAI Public performance / It was big enough to get me completely inside / Rosie Heinrich (DAI,2012) in collaboration with Emilie Gallier and Ilija Surla / Location: Festival of Independents / Kunstvlaai 2012

tag: Amsterdam

where: classroom A 2-8

when: 3 pm

Language: English

Location: (former) Sint Nicolaas Lyceum, Prinses Irenestraat 21, 1077 WT Amsterdam


It was big enough to get me completely inside (2012) considers the constitution of one's own being, reality and narration.The sound piece is a construction of interwoven interview fragments in which three people recount transcending their perception of reality. The narrative oscillates between the seemingly fictive and real testimonies, forming both a coherent narrative and dissonance. This assemblage relates a fantastical and disturbing tale of esoteric and shamanic rituals, of training schools and occupation, of psychological and bodily accounts, treading a tenuous line between desire and turmoil. It poses the zealous nature of group and individual desire and its potential to dominate and compel.

In collaboration with performers Emilie Gallier and Ilija Surla, the material from It was big enough to get me completely inside has been developed into live performance works. These short pieces explore forms of transmission and the voice as a live medium.

Rosie Heinrich uses recorded interview material as a medium for constructing narratives that shift between the documentary and the seemingly fictive. These narratives explore perceived realities and their construction and destruction in times of crisis.