Studio Trenkel presents "Jockey" / Jacqueline Doyen, Suzanne van Rest (DAI, 2009), Svätopluk Mikyta and Manon Recordon

| tag: Rotterdam

Jockey /ˈdʒɒki/
a person who rides in horse races, especially as a profession:
verb (jockeys, jockeying, jockeyed)
to struggle by every available means to gain or achieve something:
to handle or manipulate (someone or something) in a skilful manner:

Five centuries ago, rulers started to trim and tailor gardens, imposing direction of growth and community, perhaps even giving a false sense of controlling chaos via the tangible surrounding nature. Likewise persons of feather lightweight were competitively set atop fast & heavy mountains of strength to equally manoeuvre and manipulate direction: direction of movement within time and space.

Thanks to Edouard Muybridge, it was learned that a galloping horse indeed possesses for a fraction of a slide second, a moment of floating weightlessness. The jockeys of galloping horses, seem to surf the beasts under them; remaining unaffected and 'outside' the laws of nature as they control and direct from their advantageous position.

For Jockey, Sils has brought together selected works of four artists whose practices are aware of the various cultural horses of history that each is riding. As they jockey, their artistic positions vagabond, perform, struggle or handle carefully; each attempting to manoeuvre a different direction and wave from positions of lightness.

This exhibition funded by proceeds from the Sils Silent Benefit Auction 2011

During our nomadic program, Sils would like to thank:
Karin Trenkel
Aktiegroep Het Oude Westen
Augustinus School
Randa Etery

Opening times & dates:
17 November – 2 December 2012
Friday – Sunday – 13.00 – 18.00
or by appointment