2012 / Artist, editor: Rui Vilela / Title: Ever Tell Twice / Designer: Bosco Hernández / Texts: Bruno Besana, Frank Feltens, Colyne Morange, Vivien Trommer, Rui Vilela

Collection editor: Wendelien van Oldeborgh, Yolande van de Heide for Publishing Class
Publisher: Dutch Art Institute / MFA ArtEZ
Distribution: Dutch Art Institute / please contact j.vanderspek@artez.nl

Rui's short story is about two speechless characters caught in the curse of love. The uncertain moment, in which they are trapped, will be followed up, questioned and answered by the collaborators. Each contribution is a reaction to Rui's short story and approaches diverse aspects concerning love and restraint. Performative and cinematic, literary and philosophical as well as phenomenological analyses come into play. Using strategies of collaboration in an artistic context, the book turns into a multifaceted investigation. Vivien Trommer.